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Your very first driving lesson is a big milestone! It’s the first step to becoming a safe and independent driver and everything that means for you; whether it’s freedom to spend more time with friends and family, the key to unlocking your dream career, or realizing those long-held road trip dreams.

We’ve put together this quick guide to make sure you get into driving class feeling cool, calm and collected.

What do I need to do before my lesson?

There are a few things that are necessary before you start your driving lessons – and if you’re learning with How-2-Drive, we’ll have checked these with you before you are booked in for your first lesson.

Generally, you must be 18 to start lessons and when you pay for your course, you will need apply for provisional driving licence – this your Driving Class tutor will help with.

You will be booked for your first lesson with us, theory and behind the wheel practical lessons.

Is there anything else I can do to prepare?

Alongside  your lessons  ypu will be provided with a mock book that bears questions and quizes in testing your acquired knowledge in  your lessonsas well as in preparation for NTSA Driving Test.

Remember, learning the laws of the road and memorising road signs isn’t just to tick the box of passing the theory test, it’s practical information that you will need to apply when you’re actually on the road.

Attending Lessons

You can always come with a notebook, printed PDL and make sure you’re fed, watered and feeling rested, and definitely not hungover or under the influence of any alcohol or drugs for your theory and practical lessons.

What happens in the lesson?

One of the common questions we get is, will I be able to drive the car in my first lesson, and the answer is yes! We’re not like some driving schools, where instructors keep their pupils parked up at the side of the road for the whole first lesson, looking at paper resources. You’re with us to learn to drive, and the best way to do that is to get you behind the wheel.

Don’t panic though, your instructor won’t expect you to just jump in and set off down the high street straight away. You’ll be guided through the process at a pace that is comfortable for you, and your first driving experience will be away from traffic in a suitable location for getting to grips with the controls.

Your first lesson will include looking at things like the cockpit drill, which covers everything you need to do each time you get in the car before starting the engine, and practice moving off and stopping. Exciting for your first time driving!

One thing that will definitely happen when you start driving is you will stall, probably a lot. But don’t worry, it still happens to the best of us, even after years of driving. And if you do make mistakes, remember your instructor has dual controls, so they’ll have control of the car should anything go wrong and they need to step in.

It’s key to take driving one step at a time. Your instructor doesn’t expect you to know everything on day one – just because you’ve spent years as a passenger or even have a great understanding of how a car works, this doesn’t mean you’re expected to just pick it up in no time.

What eventually becomes second nature starts as a series of awkward manoeuvres in which you will have to keep reminding yourself where each foot and hand should be at any given time, and where your eyes need to be while you’re working all that out. And of course different people will struggle with different parts of driving; there is no ‘normal’ pupil or way to learn.

Your instructor  will give you advice on carrying out manoeuvres, and working with you to become an all-round safe driver, which means feeling comfortable and confident whenever you climb in the car.

How to get started

Ready and raring to go with your first driving lesson? You can enroll today online www.rockyschool.co.ke/enroll and get started  or

Call us on 0702 55 22 22 or 0704 77 33 00 or 0700 66 77 77.

You can also email us on info@rockyschool.co.ke.

Any questions or worries at all, just let us know!

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